Consultation Topics

Raise Me Well can help improve your competence with the following and more:

4 months to 2 years:

  • Foster your child's love for fruits and vegetables
  • Create a positive household routine
  • Improve your patience/model healthy and desirable behavior
  • Create consistency and learn new tools to manage behavior
  • Learn to reduce or eliminate temper tantrums

2 years to 5 years:

  • Establish reasonable and important expectations
  • Potty train with minimal conflict or stress
  • Learn to enjoy bed and bath times
  • Increase your child's positive behavior
  • Learn effective discipline
  • Improve your child's flexibility with foods

Elementary School age:

  • Create a smooth transition to school
  • Develop a positive experience of homework
  • Help your child develop superb social skills
  • Improve manners/respect for others
  • Establish pride and responsibility around chores


  • Understand your teen's behavior
  • Learn to shift expectations and discipline techniques
  • Communicate with your teen
  • Transition from teen to adulthood
  • Help your teen learn life skills and set goals for the future

Situational topics:

  • Aid with transition in the military
  • Adjust to divorce
  • Cope with loss
  • Manage challenges same sex couples face
  • Become a successful step-parent


  • Find answers to your specific questions


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What Others are Saying

  • In the most kind and non-judgmental way, Dr. Edwards gave me practical strategies to employ.
  • Dr. Edwards is the closest thing to that elusive "parenting instruction book" that we've all wished for!
  • She listened carefully to the concerns I had and gave me valuable suggestions to implement.
  • Following my divorce I struggled with losing time with my son and his mother bringing other men into his life. Through her training and personal experience she helped me to better understand the bond between parent and child.
  • She encouraged and guided me with my two surviving children on how to cope with the death of their brother.
  • She assisted with how to manage a divorce, co-parenting concerns, and serious behavioral problems that had been ingrained for years.
  • I would strongly recommend Dr. Edwards for her keen insight, her calm and reassuring manner, and the differences I experienced with parenting as a result of consulting with her.