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Raise Me Well wants our website users to always be aware of the information we might collect, how it will be used, and under what circumstances we might disclose that information to others. We therefore wish to state the following:

Web site parameters

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The collection of information and use of it

Raise Me Well respects each user of this site and their right to personal privacy. We therefore state the following about collection and use of information by our web site:

1. for each visitor to our web site, our web server only recognizes the visitor's domain name, not an e-mail address.

2. any information that might be collected is never shared with anyone.

3. at this time, the Raise Me Well web site has one registration form that is designed for interested parties to submit a request for a 10 minute consultation. The information gathered includes first and last name, address, phone number, description of symptoms and best time and date to reach that individual.

4. the purpose of this web site is solely the transmission of information to interested parties about my parental coaching services.

5. the Raise Me Well web site does not publish a newsletter, nor does it intend to sell or share a user's e-mail address for any purpose.

Change of Policy Notification

If Raise Me Well decides to change its Privacy Policy, users can read the new Policy under the web section entitled: Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

If a visitor to this site has any questions or concerns, please contact:
Dr. Anne Edwards


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What Others are Saying

  • In the most kind and non-judgmental way, Dr. Edwards gave me practical strategies to employ.
  • Dr. Edwards is the closest thing to that elusive "parenting instruction book" that we've all wished for!
  • She listened carefully to the concerns I had and gave me valuable suggestions to implement.
  • Following my divorce I struggled with losing time with my son and his mother bringing other men into his life. Through her training and personal experience she helped me to better understand the bond between parent and child.
  • She encouraged and guided me with my two surviving children on how to cope with the death of their brother.
  • She assisted with how to manage a divorce, co-parenting concerns, and serious behavioral problems that had been ingrained for years.
  • I would strongly recommend Dr. Edwards for her keen insight, her calm and reassuring manner, and the differences I experienced with parenting as a result of consulting with her.